PopMatters: Comedy Edition

I'm a big fan of offbeat, improv-style comedy shows. See what I thought of some recent outings.

Human Giant

"The television incarnation of Human Giant came with its own built-in cred and a cult following of indie tastemakers already familiar with the comedians’ work.The best thing MTV could do to cultivate this fan base was stay out of the show’s way, and for the most part, it did."

Acceptable TV

"In the wake of Internet monsters like YouTube and MySpace, VH1’s Acceptable TV has come up with a trendy gimmick: it’s interactive. This premise sounds innovative and exciting in theory. In reality, the show is… acceptable."

Stella: Season One

"Stella—not a sketch comedy, not a sitcom, and certainly not the Marx Brothers—forges a brand of television comedy all its own."

November Issue

The New Rules of the College Admissions Game

An article about changes in the way colleges view certain admissions standbys like SAT scores, AP, class rank, and early decision. I've gotten a huge response so far—mostly from stressed-out parents of stressed-out seniors.

Arts & Entertainment

The Cowboy Junkies, Susan Cheever, and more.

"A Dubious Honor" and "Check Out NaNoWriMo"

Short front-of-book pieces about National Novel Writing Month and the infamous distinction Gawker.com gave to one of our local colleges (both are three-quarters of the way down the page).

PopMatters Galore!

Since the magazine won't let me obsessively dissect one television show for more than 800 words, I turn to PopMatters. See what I thought of some high-profile premieres.

Pushing Daisies

"Gorgeous and vibrant, it features super-saturated colors and bright, bold patterns, a perfect antidote to the dark and grainy moodiness that permeates most primetime dramas."


"For a show that’s supposedly about the plight of minorities in America, Cavemen showed a shocking lack of diversity. It’s basically Friends with more body hair."

Kid Nation

"At the outset, it looked like there was no hope for a kid hamlet, let alone a nation."

Gossip Girl

"While it’s easy to imagine high schoolers across the country drooling over the power and freedom enjoyed by Blair (Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively)—not to mention those outfits—I’m not sure how many would actually exchange their basement keggers for a nightlife geared for much older women."

The Cavemen, Kid Nation, and Gossip Girl reviews were all aggregated on Metacritic.

Catching Up

I only just started compiling my clips, but I've been a professional writer since 2003. If you'd like to see anything else, I certainly can provide you with more. Highlights include "No More Empty Nest," about the social and economic reasons why young adults choose to live with their parents longer (no link available but I have the PDF), and "Cosmetics 101," about my personal foray into the world of beauty.