Quoted in 'New York' Magazine

Today I'm quoted in New York magazine, in a story about how to successfully pull off a birthday party in a park. This time, they weren't even drawing on my experience as a parenting editor, just as a New Yorker — I've done it four times in eight years! You can see it in the print edition dated June 17, or read it online at Curbed.

Just in Time for Spring Cleaning

I'm thrilled to be quoted in the Good Housekeeping Organize Your Life book, which just came out on April 2. I give lots of tips for how to deal with kid clutter, including toys, paper, and artwork, but this is my favorite.

There's lots of great advice from other Good Housekeeping experts, too. Pick it up if you're looking for some cleanspo.

My New Package at GH Launched!

As we've just come THROUGH IT with the holidays and are looking towards making changes in 2024, Good Housekeeping is taking a deep look into how families share household duties. As Equal Partners author Kate Mangino says in our opening essay, one of the most common household dynamics is one where both partners work, but one does 2/3 of the housework. Are we making any progress? Read for how the pandemic changed things, whose changes stuck (and why), and where we go from here, with an eye towards dividing financial, childcare and household work. Check it out,

"When We Split Household Duties, Everyone Wins. Why Won’t We Do It?"

I also have to share my own contribution to the Good Housekeeping "Sharing the Load" package, inspired by my biggest parenting pet peeve — the sign-up sheet with room for only ONE parent contact. My husband and I try to be equal caregivers. Why do we keep being pushed to name a default?

"Why Won’t the Myth of the 'Primary' Parent Just Disappear Already?"

But there's so much more in there, from chore-splitting secrets from families with 5+ kids to different ways to approach family finances. (Plus, I love the board-game motif that art came up with!)

I'm Speaking at ASJA!

Amy Paturel, a writer I'm so lucky to work with, and I are going to get together to talk about doing reported essays at the 2023 American Society of Journalists and Authors Virtual Annual Conference! I hope to help writers figure out how to position their personal narratives in a way that will make editors want to buy them. 

The details:

The conference takes place June 13-15

My session is 4 pm ET to 5 pm ET on Tuesday, June 13 in the journalism track.

You can register here.

Oh, and they gave me a discount code! Use the discount code IKNOWASPEAKER to save 10% on your registration. 

Ask Me About Toys!

At GH, we spend a lot of time testing toys, so I was thrilled to talk to Maisonette about the best toys for 5-year-old boys. "“We started to see during the pandemic a big resurgence in toys that fostered learning … especially in the STEM area.” See what else I recommended to them!

The Best Toys for 5-Year-Old Boys

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Good Housekeepings lists of the best gifts for kids (scroll down to the bottom for an age-by-age guide, from 1 to 14), including our own Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards 2022.