Selected Work (PDF)

Here, a look at some of my favorite clips that look better as a magazine layout.

"Your Guide to a Safe, Smart School Year," published in Good Housekeeping, September 2020

"The Power of Fewer Presents," published in Good Housekeeping, December 2019

"Love, Mom" published in Parents, May 2018

"Let's Get Real," published in Parents, November 2017. I produce and edit the whole department in addition to writing for it.

"It's Time to Dump the Pump" (an examination into the lack of innovation in breast pumps), published in Working Mother.

"Outdoor Adventures" (a look at outdoor winter activities), published in Time Out New York.

"Westchester vs. The City" (a side-by-side comparison of urban and suburban living), published in Westchester Magazine.

"The Everything Guide to Grand Central Terminal" (a feature package with service for local commuters), published in Westchester Magazine

"Decoding the Common Core" (answering frequently asked questions about the Common Core), published in Kiwi.