The Daily Traveler: Classic Road Trips Slideshow

Best Drives: Iconic American Road Trips Worth the Gas Money

With the price of gas trending downward, there's no better time to jump in the car, put the top down, and head out for a drive. Here, we have ten itineraries for some of the country's most classic road trips.


What you'll see:
Water, and plenty of it. You might not be able to walk on water, but with this strip of road traveling across the Florida Keys, connected by 42 bridges, you'll feel like you can drive on it. Instead of grass and pines, you'll whiz by seascapes and palm trees. The Overseas Highway is also a good complement to the Maine Coast, as it's the extreme opposite end of Route 1.

Cultural stop: At the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, you can meet dolphins and California sea lions and watch as trainers teach them new tricks—then head to the indoor, air-conditioned theater for educational presentations about the animals.

Roadside attraction: The famous Seven Mile Bridge connects Marathon to Little Duck key, with stunning ocean views the whole way. But if driving past just won't do, here's a good place to park the car and get out to walk or bike. The first Seven Mile Bridge—which was used by trains, not cars, until a hurricane wiped out huge swaths of the tracks in the mid '30s—is now part of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail and recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. Now closed to most cars, it's a good place to try and catch a sunset.

Grab a bite: A stop at the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar is almost obligatory when traveling through the Florida Keys. It has all of the grass-hut décor you'd expect from a tiki bar, but what sets it apart is that it claims to have invented the Rum Runner cocktail (made with banana liqueur, Meyers rum, brandy, and grenadine). After a couple, you won't care if it's true or not.

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