Moderating a Panel on the Power of Play

For the Good Housekeeping Parenting Summit, I'm moderating a panel on a very serious topic: play! I'll be asking a panel of distinguished guests what play is, why it's so important, and — the million-dollar question — how to encourage kids to play independently. I'll be joined by Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, Dr. Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, Melissa Bernstein (of Melissa & Doug and Lifelines) and Jessica Rolph (of Lovevery). Come watch! 

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Another One Down

So sad to hear that Working Mother magazine will be no longer. That publication was truly groundbreaking when it comes to navigating work-life balance (or work-life integration), flexible work (which, despite a two-plus-year pandemic as proof of concept, employers are still fighting), and about women standing up and asking for what they deserve. 

This was my favorite story I wrote for them, about the barriers to building a better breast pump. It's funny, because in the years since I wrote this in 2016, there have been others on the same topic, writing about the same MIT hackathon. (I truly believe that if everyone had to use a breast pump, they'd be silent, efficient and the size of a credit card. And we'd have paid leave.) It's sad how little progress has been made. Still more work to do!

Discover Cleaning 2021

I had so much fun moderating a panel at "Good Housekeeping x American Cleaning Institute Discover Cleaning 2021: Cleaning Is Caring Summit." If you missed it, you can see a recording of the event on the GH website. There are lots of good tips in there about how to get the whole family involved in cleaning up! (I actually use the idea of "chunking" now in my own house.) 

Chatting About Cleaning

I'm going to moderate a panel on one of my favorite topics: How to get the whole family into cleaning together! I can't stop talking about it, because I learn new tips every time — along with interesting info about the benefits of giving kids chores. Come listen to my panel! 


In Writer's Digest!

Hey, look! It's me in Writer's Digest. Here, I'm giving Estelle Erasmus tips on the best way to pitch me parenting and relationship stories at Good Housekeeping, and her story includes pitches that worked and were ultimately published. I can't wait to see what Estelle's readers send me! This is just a sneak peek — if you want the full thing, it's only in print.

I'm on Authory Now

I was using this website to keep track of all my clips, but considering the last time I did an update on that was October 2019 — and, who could blame me, considering *gestures at everything all around* — I think it' safe to say that it wan't happening. But then I found Authory, which will automatically find and post all my articles. I'm saved! I'll still use this for updates and news, but check out my Authory page if you want to stay up-to-date on my most recent stories.

Marisa LaScala at Authory

On School for Mothers

Sometimes when you're doing an interview, either conducting one or giving one, you can tell that you can skip the chit-chat and just go straight to being real. That's how it was being interviewed by Danusia Malina-Derben on the School for Mothers podcast. I loved having this conversation — especially because she told me up front that she wanted to start by talking about Star Wars. Give a listen!

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