July Issue: Best of Fun & Leisure

While I didn't do every item in the Fun & Leisure section of our Best Of cover package, I did the majority of them (and a few random items in the other sections).

Best Of: Fun & Leisure

Best New Movie Theater
Cinema de Lux Ridge Hill

29 Fitzgerald St, Yonkers
(800) 315-4000
The screens are big. The floors aren’t sticky. The sound is good. The seats are comfy. There’s a Ben & Jerry’s in the lobby. It shows classic movies on Mondays for only $2. But what really gets us excited about—and willing to pay the parking fee for—Cinema de Lux in Ridge Hill are the martinis. The on-site Studio 3 Restaurant & Bar takes the awkwardness out of where to go to discuss the movie afterward—you can stay right there, order a few drinks, some appetizers, a burger, a wrap, or a dessert, and argue about whether The Dark Knight Rises lived up to the hype.