The Daily Traveler: Life-Saving Travel Tech

These Travel Gadgets Will Save Your Life

Travel can be filled with danger. From shark attacks to heart attacks, these devices can keep your journey safe.

Danger: Collisions
Why should skiiers and mountain-climbers have all the fun? Bikers can get their own protective airbags, courtesy of Sweden's Hövding. The bag is worn deflated around the neck, like a big collar. Sensors can tell when the biker's involved in a collision, inflating the airbag around the head in a tenth of a second. And, because it zips around the neck, bikers don't have to worry about helmet hair, either.

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The Daily Traveler: Unique Plane Liveries


Airplane Art: Eye-Catching Liveries that Go Beyond the Logo

Planes are not usually the most visually distinct modes of transportation—most of them sport the airline's logo and nothing else. But some airlines put a little more thought into the planes' exteriors or add special liveries to their fleet. I created a slideshow for The Condé Nast Traveler's website. Here's an example:  


You don't need a flight lesson every time you get into a plane, but Kulula's Boeing 737-800 will give you one anyway. The plane is covered in helpful diagrams, such as an arrow that points to the captain's window and deferentially declares "captain, my captain," or one that points out the plane's black box before parenthetically noting that it's actually orange. (We'll let you figure out what "the mile-high club initiation chamber" refers to.) Get a closer look at

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Image Courtesy of Kulula 

The Daily Traveler: Urban Design Slideshow

Seven Genius Urban Design Innovations

No. 2: Cyclehoop Car Bike Rack
It doesn't take much to create a structure you can lock a bike to, so we’re impressed when a bike rack has a bit of creativity behind it. Cyclehoop's Car Bike Rack—which has been making the rounds at special events in the U.K., such as the Big World October Walk, one of the events leading up to London's Olympic Games—works anywhere you can parallel park a car, and it has space enough for 10 bikes. It gets bonus style points for the pop-art colors.

No. 5: SFMTA Bus Shelters
The bus is often the most neglected form of travel, design-wise, getting neither the grand terminals of train stations nor the high-tech hubs of airports. At least San Francisco has a well- designed bus shelter, courtesy of Lundberg Design. The colorful, crimped roofs of the shelter aren't just there for visual whimsy; they harness solar energy that's used to power the LED displays, and excess energy feeds back into the grid.

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