Recent Work Samples (PDF)

"Beauty Experts' Favorite 3 oz. Travel Products" (a round-up of travel and beauty advice), published on the website of the Condé Nast Traveler in January 2012.

"Westchester vs. The City" (a side-by-side comparison of urban and suburban living), published in September 2011 .

"Apartments" (a look at different East Village apartments), published in Time Out New York in April 2012.

"Elementary" (a review of the TV show), published in PopMatters in September 2012.

"Rainbow Connection" (an article about non-white wedding dresses), published in Westchester Weddings in October 2011.

"Fall Arts Preview 2013" (an package covering local cultural and entertainment offerings), published in September 2013.

"Fall Movie Preview 2013" (if you just want to skip to the best part of the Fall Arts Preview), published September 2013.  

"Tom Kitt's Big Year" (a profile of Next to Normal composer Tom Kitt), published August 2010.

"'Fast Five' Is as Fun as When You Were a Kid, Smashing Your Toys Together" (a DVD review of Fast Five), published in PopMatters November 2011.

"The Everything Guide to Grand Central Terminal" (a feature package with service for local commuters), published May 2012. 

"Ichabod Wakes" (a Q&A with some of the creative team behind Sleepy Hollow), published September 2012.

"37 Ways to Get Out and Enjoy Summer" (a package guide to summer in Westchester County), published June 2010.