Selected Work (Links)

Here, a look at some of my favorite clips that look better in their original online formats.

"Boys Will Be" (a feature package that delves into raising boys into a healthy adulthood), published by Good Housekeeping.

"1995 Marked The Birth of Internet Paranoia Films" (a look at how movies like VirtuosityThe NetHackersGoldenEyeJohnny Mnemonic, and Strange Days portrayed the early days of the Internet), published by The A.V. Club.

"Tiny Tourism" (cataloguing some of the world's smallest tourist attractions), published by The Condé Nast Traveler.

"13 Clothing Lines for Kids That Bust Gender Stereotypes" (clothing lines that look beyond pink princesses for girls and blue dinosaurs for boys), published by Working Mother

"11 Famous Television Characters We Never Actually Saw" (like my friend, Bob Sacamano...), published by Mental_Floss.


"Geena Davis: 'Media is the one area of gender inequality that can be fixed overnight,'" Working Mother

"The Best Time I Auditioned for a Game Show," The Hairpin

"Glass-Bottomed Attractions," The Condé Nast Traveler

"It Happened to Me: My Birth Control Was Recalled," xoJane

"The Second-Lives Club," New York Weddings